The main area is brokerage and management of properties where we create a stable value development and stable cash flows over time.

Through advice, project management and consulting, we will contribute to the growth of subsidiaries and development projects in land and properties owned by various companies within the Group.

  • Focus on assets of institutional quality
  • Improve value with active management
  • Designed to generate a consistent annual cash flow for investors

Our Services

Invest in real estate

Through our subsidiaries, we take responsibility for various interesting development projects in the real estate industry.

Facility Management

Through our subsidiaries, we offer services related to property management, property care and property development.

Digital Services

Our subsidiary House Online offers a platform with services to both individuals and companies within the framework of renting / leasing and purchasing / selling real estate.

Development and establishment of warehouses and business premises

The subsidiary CSR Warehouse has warehouses and ABC Business Center runs office hotels. In this way, new target groups are reached at the same time as they develop their business in partnership with us.